Popcorn Time Q&ACategory: iOSI cant install the app on my iPhone 6. :(
Hugo asked 9 months ago

I connect my iPhone with the “Find my iPhone” feature off, then I press “Trust this computer”, I put my phone into “airplane mode”, then it starts to load the software, it finishes and in my phone appears “restoring phone” and load something again, then my phone reboot and it says “slide to upgrade”, and then i follow the instruction on the phone to enter the iCloud password and bla bla, But then nothing happens on the computer, it stays on “please wait” forever Also: when my phone reboot, it does that without the airplane mode Thanks

Carlos replied 9 months ago

Me too exactly the same. And I did it with ios instaler

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Popcorn Time Staff answered 9 months ago

Is this with iOSInstaller?

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