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Bryan Caldwell asked 7 months ago

Recently my PopcornTime started seeing my Roku TV. I can select it as a streaming device but nothing ever comes up on the TV. what channel do i need to be on? id would really love to have this functionality, but i cant seem to get it to work for me. it comes up as if it was a Chromecast. ..IDEAS??

KAOS replied 7 months ago

Roku requires there be a approved channel. Currently only “PlayOn” gives you that needed channel. On Windows is comes up as “MediaPlay” Works for me. Prior to PlayOn I was using roConnect an abandoned project. It has some issues that forced me to find another solution.
PlayOn is a service that runs on my Win 10 PC and streams to my Roku 2/ (Be sure you have a fast enough computer/hard drive. Use your C: drive as any other drive will lag and cause buffering that will drive you nuts.

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